Property Management

Building Strong Foundations

Structures crumble when the foundation is unsteady, but with a solid start, anyone can build an empire. Whether you already own an investment property or are looking for one, our strong reputation, built on transparency, expertise, proactive communication, and alignment of interests will ensure that you always start with a solid footing.  For our JCS Owners with previously established properties, we focus on meeting (or exceeding) your long-term investment goals, back-end management, and fulfilling projections. For our Pre-Ownership Clients, we recognize that an investment is only as good as its potential. So, we’ll help make sure your purchase meets your expectations.

Residential Management

Whether your property is a single-family home, multi-family complex, or residential duplex, JCS Realty's dynamic office staff, 24/7 call center, and in-house maintenance technician ensures your investment (and your peace of mind) are always in good hands. Learn more.

Commercial Management

Whether it’s helping to determine competitive rental rates, conducting property inspections, providing insight for quality tenant improvements, facilitating rent payments, or addressing maintenance calls—your problems are our problems. Learn more.

Agriculture Management

Our management experts understand best farm practices, know how to navigate lease drafting, and have established an extensive network of quality farmers and professionals across Northeast Arkansas helping us foster a perfect storm of agreeable lease terms, management efficiency, and ROI maximization for our JCS Ag Investors. Learn more.

We do the work; you cash the checks.

We pride ourselves on providing an unparalleled, “hands off” experience for our JCS Investors.  We keep track of all tenant records, repairs, improvements, expenses, and prep tax documents just like you would, if you had the time!  All your records will be conveinently a click away through your Owner Portal, and your accountant is going to love you come tax season.

Common Questions

JCS Realty charges our JCS Investors 10% of the gross monthly rents and an additional $50.00 monthly minimum for Management Services for each property. However, we happily offer bulk discounts to Investors with more than 5 properties. 

Although we always love to see our JCS Owners remain enrolled in our Property Management Services program, in the event you need to cancel the services, we do not apply a cancellation fee to your account.  While we don't charge you to cancel, we do require a 30-day notice prior to suspending our services. Notice is required to ensure a smooth transition for tenant, owner, and JCS Realty.

JCS Realty provides its Owners with 1099 records and monthly statements that are convienently accessible through our Online Owner Portal.  We are also happy to provide Annual Profit & Loss Statements, Rent Roll, Maintenance Records, and Leasing Documentation upon your request.  

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We do the work; you cash the checks.

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